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The end of the 19th century saw the invention of 3-button suits. They were inspired by Edwardian fashion.

2-button suits, which had first appeared in the 1920s, replaced 3-button suits in the 1960s because of their perceived sportier appearance.

However, the mods revived the 3-button Suits by dressing in suits from New york consignment stores that were filled with clothing from earlier eras. In complete contrast to their Savile Row counterparts, the Carnaby Street tailors created a new cut of suits for young people that depended heavily on the 3-button suits in response to this new silhouette.

Three-button suits

The three-button suit is another timeless piece that can be well-tailored in European fashion or more relaxed and boxier in the classic American form.

These are your two choices:

  •       Just fasten the middle.
  •       The bottom button is always left open, even when the middle and upper buttons are attached.

Visual effect: You might be shocked by how much of a difference one additional button on a suit can make. The three-button suits have shallower V-shaped and shorter lapels (especially compared to the two-button version).

Who Should Wear It: Regrettably, the slight variation produces a more attractive silhouette than the two-button suits. Men taller and thinner should be aware that the three-button suits can help to fill you out visibly. Additionally, it works well for a lean build.

The three-button suit is not ideal for a man with a shorter or broader torso; instead, we advise sticking with the two-button suit, which is considerably more forgiving.

When to Wear It: This suit makes you look more buttoned up, making it a fantastic option for more formal settings. It still needs to be more common than the two-button suits, though.

The three-button suit was more in style throughout the 1990s but has since lost favor. But there's no reason to avoid the three-button suit if you are mindful of your shape and get one that fits your body correctly. It may still appear professional and elegant.

The three primary categories of three-button suits are:

Classic 3-button

The lapel roll only starts after the third button in the traditional three-button suit. The lapel is shorter, the suit has a higher closing point, and it partially conceals the tie. French politicians continued to wear this pattern until the early 1970s when they gave it up in favor of a more modern silhouette.

The Italian 3-button:

A hybrid suits between a 2-button and a 3-button, the Italian 3-button. The third button marks the start of the lapel roll. The lapel rolls and conceals the third button when the suit is worn as a two-button. The Italian 3-button is most frequently seen on suits without a lining.

American lapel

The suit features three buttons. However, the third button is a faux American lapel. The lapel's roll constantly conceals it. It is the traditional cut style for IVY League students. Their blazers with gold buttons and their tweed and seersucker suits all include the American lapel.

Two-Button Suits vs. Three-Button Suits: Differences

Dressing and putting together a suit and tie combo requires expertise and time. The buttons are the first place to look if the devil is in the details. We are specifically referring to the number of buttons on the suit above.

Although it may seem like a tiny distinction, there is a significant difference between two-button and three-button suits in terms of style. Read on to find out what they are and how your favorite button style affects your overall look.

Select the Suits That Fit You

It's ideal for the businessman to keep both suits in his closet. With a sharp-looking suit that is acceptable for everything from a wedding to the boardroom, you will be prepared to handle any situation.

The best place to start when expanding your suit wardrobe is with the time-honored, traditional two-button suits. You can be sure that it will accentuate your figure and give you the self-assurance you need to face whatever the day brings.

Final Thoughts:

Three-button suits for men can be a great way to keep your look versatile and modern. With so many options available, you can ensure that no matter the occasion, you will look your best in a three-button suit. So if you're looking to up your style game, try a three-button suit!

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