Slim Fit  Paisley Suit 2 Piece Silver
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Slim Fit Paisley Suit 2 Piece Silver

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Slim Fit  Paisley Suit 2 Piece Black
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Slim Fit Paisley Suit 2 Piece Black

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Navy Slim fit tuxedo Men's 2 Piece Suit
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Regular Fit 3 Piece Suit 2 Button White - Suits99Regular Fit 3 Piece Suit 2 Button White - Suits99
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Black 2 Piece Tuxedo Shawl Lapel Slim Fit - Suits99Black 2 Piece Tuxedo Shawl Lapel Slim Fit
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Regular Fit 3 Piece Suit Camel - Suits99Regular Fit 3 Piece Suit Camel - Suits99
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Regular Fit 3 Piece Suit Camel

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Regular Fit 3 Piece Suit Chestnut - Suits99Regular Fit 3 Piece Suit Chestnut
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Regular Fit 3 Piece Suit Chestnut

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Shop Online Men’s prom suits

Here's how to make prom a night to remember, from picking prom suits to making an entrance. We'll assist you in prom preparation so you can dazzle your pals on the red carpet. Suits 99 provides the ideal prom suit for guys in the perfect cut and how-to ace your shoes and accessories.

As with any celebration, prom should be something you look forward to, especially after all the effort you put in to finish the term. It marks the conclusion of a chapter in your life.

We are aware that although you want to look fantastic, prom can be a little intimidating, from picking out the perfect outfit to making an entrance when it's time.

We have numerous suits to help you prepare for your prom like a pro. The perfect suit, shoes, and accessories are all up to you.

Prom suits for men:

A prom suit is perfect if you want to look polished and contemporary on the big night. Choose whether you want a two- or three-piece suit—an overcoat counts as the third piece—as well as the color and style you prefer: slender, slim, or tailored. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a color, a texture, or even a timeless black prom suit.

Suits 99 slim-fit navy black check suit will make you stand out from the crowd thanks to its understated pattern and form-fitting construction. Consider wearing a pocket square the same color as your date's attire for the perfect finishing touch.

This outfit can be dusted off and worn again for an extensive interview or your next special occasion once prom is just a wonderful memory.


The tuxedo, as seen above, is characterized by slick satin lapels, a wing-collar shirt, and a bow tie. Like a suit, tailored, slim, and skinny-fit tuxedo variations allow men of different sizes and tastes to pull it off. To complete the dapper look, a pair of black patent shoes, silver cufflinks, and a smart dress watch is frequently worn with this.

At prom, the thin-fit black tuxedo from Suits 99 would look fantastic. The satin lapel and sleek, streamlined form created by its precise cut are charming in a vintage-style way.


A shirt and a pair of stylish jeans can quickly transform into a prom look by adding a blazer, which is essentially suit-style. They typically come in a wider variety of brighter colors than a typical suit and have more relaxed cuts.

This blush velvet suit, for instance, would look great with sleek black pants, a fresh white shirt, and a colorful bow tie. By doing this, you can adhere to the dress code while adding your flair.

Men's Slim Or Tailored Prom Suits?

It would help if you matched a suit to your body type for it to appear attractive and feel comfortable. So, between slim and tailored, which would you fit best?

Slim fit

The slim fit appearance is completed with tapered trouser legs to produce a sharp, contemporary silhouette. A tailored, narrow fit around the shoulder, chest, waist, and sleeve characterizes it. Men with a slight, slender, or medium physique look great.

Tailored fit

The tailored fit is a terrific method to draw attention to your body while providing space for movement. The trousers are tapered for a refined look and are complemented by suits with traditional lapels and a tapered waist. This look is flattering for men with slender, average, or oversized frames.

Why not try our Custom Made service if you still need to figure out your size and optimum cut? You can make your suit unique in addition to choosing the fit, color, and lining. Memorable phrases are stitched inside to make the item more special.

Just stop by, and one of our suit specialists will measure you, get you fixed up, and have you looking sharp.

Two- Or Three-Piece Prom Suit?

You can create a unique style with a two- or three-piece suit. Here is our analysis of each to aid in your decision.

Is The Magic Number Three?

Similar to a regular two-piece suit, a three-piece suit also contains a coat. It elevates a timeless, sophisticated style to a higher level of formality than a two-piece suit but less formal than a dinner suit.

Three can be the golden number if you're trying to harness some vintage charm or wish to channel UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, who is famed for his three-piece repertoire.

Two-piece suits

Alternatively, you prefer the freedom of a two-piece suit. It is simpler to go loud with colored or patterned shirts and ties when the waistcoat is removed.

Guys like football legend David Beckham and actor Michael Fassbender always wear two-piece suits with ease if you're looking for some inspiration.

Final Thoughts:

Prom is a perfect opportunity to show off your best looks. Whether you want to go classic or spice things up, there's an ideal prom suit. So go out and enjoy the night dressed to impress!

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